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  • Learn to use gentle homeopathic medicine in your home
  • 4 Easy steps show parents the 'how to' for simple sickness such as coughs & colds, sore ears, worry and teething pain  
  • 16hour set your own pace e-course includes resources     PLUS full membership to the Medicine Mum Movement 
''I really enjoyed doing this course and have learnt so much. I have used my new knowledge on myself for a head cold in the past week and succeeded! I also have used it on little teething Madison on a few occasions and after one dose has been much happier :).''
Michelle Boyce, graduate Medicine Mum 2019. 
"Since I gave 5 stars I have used homeopathy countless times and keep having great results, the course has given me so much power to help my kids (and myself and partner) recover from coughs, colds, and all those common seasonal illnesses." 
Lauren Fenwick, graduate Medicine Mum 2019

''Homeopathy has been such a wonderful discovery for our entire family & saved us from the use of antibiotics on many occassions. From coughs, colds, ear infections, teething discomfort, urinary tract infections, the list goes on...It even helped immensley with my pain management post caesarean section; so much so that I found myself no longer needing to take the strong painkillers which I had been prescribed. As a Mother to young children I would highly recommend completing the Medicine Mum course either as an introduction to this wonderful resource or to broaden your knowledge on Homeopathy.''  
Stevi Knox, graduate Medicine Mum 2019. 
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